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The Champex-Plusz Ltd. has been dealing with horse-breeding since 1993. At the beginning we chose Furioso North Star, or as they call it the Halfbred from Mezőhegyes.

- The breeding is at Vál, Fejér County and this, along with Szolnok and Csongrád County is the traditional breed-region for this type. It was successfully bred where you find ground of good quality, loess rich of humus and most of Fejér County is like that.

- At present, when the western horse breeding is in fashion, we feel that preserving and improving the Hungarian species is not only our job but also our duty.

- The nature of traditional Hungarian species, like good structure, toughness, persistence, strong and resistant legs, wantlessness, hardiness against some illnesses are all characteristics, which are essential for successful horse/breeding.

- There is no more than 400-500 of Furioso North Star mares in Hungary with this structure of genes.

The ancestors of these horses have been to the wars in Europe and were very successful. The past 40-50 years had caused many damage in these species, but with deliberate and suitable breeding it's possible to maintain. According to the possibilities, we tried to start with a clean origin, so the breeding began with two mares.



Borostyán (Fili) PT 901860000
Born: 1990
Father: 1601 Furioso VI-41
Mother: Batyu
Grandfather on mother's side: 257 Tiszasüly-120
534 Furioso VIII Tamara KK84009 FU08
Born: 1984
Father: Furioso VIII
Mother: 436 Blokád North Star Tombola
Grandfather on mother's side: 3000 Blokád XX.

We tried to pair these mares with stud horses which are genetically match them and bring their descendants closer to today's requirements both in looks and achievement.

Mostly descendants of these mares form the horse stock and two more mares came to join in 1999, so as: :

Rubina FN971700000
Born: 1997
Father: Furioso XIII tm
Mother: 521Bobherceg Furioso Rubintos
Grandfather on mother's side: 1228130 HercegXX
Fazon FR970410000
Born: 1997
Furioso XIII.
Mother: Furioso VIII-I Fanni
Grandfather on mother's side: Furioso VIII.

The stud horses used are the following:

North Star V 2588North Star IX-14 (artificial) (Slovakian)
Father: North Star IX
Mother: 933 Predswit XIII
Grandfather on mother's side: Predswit XIII
Born from North Star V:
Fáni I (forbred)
Born: 1995
Father: North Star V
Mother: Borostyán
Grandfather on mother's side: 1608 Furioso VI-41

2449 Szentes Furioso-4
Father: Furioso XV
Mother: 65 Ella
Grandfather on mother's side: 5516 North Star ”A” XVII-3
Born after Szentes Furioso-4:

Tina (forbred) Voltizs és csikos horse
Born: 1995
Father: 2449 Szentes Furioso-4
Mother: 534 Furioso VIII.-9 Tamara
Grandfather on mother's side: FuriosoVIII.
2419 Furioso VI-1
(Furcsa) (from the establishment from Pusztaberény)
Born: 1987
Father: Furioso VI.
Mother: 14 Látás
Grandfather on mother's side: Csakazért III.

Born after Furioso VI-1:

Fitos (sold)
Born: 1997
Father: 2419 Furioso VI.-1
Mother: Borostyán
Grandfather on mother's side: 1608 Furioso VI.-41
Fáma (bred)
Born: 1996
Father: 2419 Furioso VI.-1
Mother: Borostyán
Grandfather on mother's side: 1608 Furioso VI.-41
Tengo (sold
Born: 1996
Father: 2419 Furioso VI.-1
Mother: Tamara
Grandfather on mother's side: Furioso VIII.

3402 Karcag North Star-72
Született: 1984
Father:2588 North Star IX.-14
Mother: 5977 Piri
Grandfather on mother's side: 963 Filter North Star-1

Colts born in 1998:

From Borostyán Fantom (stud horse) - state buying
From Fáni Féltékeny (stud horse) - dead
From Tamara Tévedés (mare)


Colts born in 1999:

From Tamara Tárkány (stud horse)
From Borostyán Főnix (mare) - sold
From Fáni Fáncsi (mare)
From Fáma Fakir (stud horse) - sold



3115 Furioso X-8 (pusztaberényi)
Born: 1988
Father: Furioso X.
Mother: 22 Illem
Grandfather on mother's side: 1595 Láttam III.
The mares put in paires with him are the following:
Tamara, Tina, Fazon, Rubina, Fáma.
Mares in foal from above: Tamara and Rubina
Rubina foaled a mare colt: 30.09.2001. Name: Rony

Thoroughbred Marsal will be paired with the mares rut back.
Born: 1991
Father: Guarde Roale
Mother: Mályvarózsa
Grandfather on mother's side: Jolly Jet

VMares in foal: Fáma and Fatina
Rut back: Fazon, autumn of 2001 paired again.
Name of stud horse:

Furioso VIII-9 (XXII. Tm) Futkosó
Born: 1985
Father: Furioso VIII.
Mother: 501 Furioso VI. (Romhány)
Grandfather on mother's side: Furioso VI.

Rubina will also be paired with this stud horse.


Important events in 2001:

Breed review:
Date: 20-21.09.2001.

First day is the field-exam on the grassyard. It was 10 km long. From stable to stable the distance is 22 km in varied natural features. There were 8 jumps, each fence about 60-70 cm. high. The names of horses participated in the competition are: Fazon, Fáni, Tina, Fáma.

The exam:
1.) Step 500 m.
2.) Trotting 2000 m.
3.) Gallop 1500 m. with two jumps.
4.) Trotting 2000 m.
5.) Step 500 m.
6.) Gallop 2000 m. with 6 jumps
7.) Trotting 1000 m.
8.) Step 500 m.

There were 4 checking points including the start and the winning post. The horses finished the exam between 41-42 minutes.

Veterinary examinations:
1.) at the start including movement judging
2.) at the winning post
3.) 15 minutes after arriving to the winning post

The condition of the horses was good, they all took the exam well.

The carriage-critique and the show of two horses in dressage tester square was on the 21st of September 2001. Then the training work of colts and mature horses was shown in the hoaxer outside. Dressage test was after lunch. It was 750 meters long with 12 fences (the highest was 110 cm. tall) and both Tina and Fáma done well on the exam. Tina had one hit at the jumps. Fáma made no fault. The 2 day program was in good mood for every horse loving person. We welcome everyone who is interested in watching or participating in the next year.

We welcome everyone who is interested at the breed review in 2002!


Date: 28.09.2001.


Eleven guests were invited to participate at the hunting among the hills of Vál in varied nature features. There were 21 fix barriers placed on the field. A rider imitated the fox. It began at 9 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. During the time the participants had a picnic on the grape-mountain of Vál and lunch at Tordas. The guests rode about 40 km. The horses were well prepared for the event so both our own and the strange horses did a good job. It all ended with a nice dinner and games.

CHAMPEX PLUSZ LTD. 2002. february 28.